Living Edge has completed the redesign and installation of facilities within its Sydney office that allows for collaboration and productivity to flourish, while giving the employee full autonomy.

Located in Alexandria, the pandemic and subsequent paradigm shifts brought with it forced Living Edge to pivot its approach to on-site working. The company believes that through the maximisation of space, a number of new furniture items and applying research-based workplace strategies for post-pandemic work, that its office will foster creativity and a desire to return to the office.

The office has been reconstructed with human connection front of mind. Each space within the commercial office and showroom was designed with consideration and purpose. Living Edge aligned their space with the Herman Miller Living Office Concept, which focuses on placemaking.

According to Herman Miller’s WFH Assessment Tool, three core experiences were identified as necessary to make a workplace successful: community socialisation, team collaboration and individual focus. Living Edge’s ‘placemaking’ strategy is a direct implementation of this research, manifesting in various spaces defined within Living Edge’s new Sydney office, including The Hive for both individual and collaborative work, The Haven for solely individual work, The Clubhouse for project based work, and The Plaza as the high-traffic, dynamic heart of the office, with appropriate furnishings implemented in order to complement the purpose of each particular space.

living edge office refurbishment

The Plaza serves as a place to greet employees and guests, where people can get a feel for the office itself. It features a number of innovative furniture pieces, as well as Living Edge’s ‘History Wall’, which showcases some of the world’s most prized design pieces, including the Eames Leg Splint which was made in 1943 as a valuable contribution by Charles and Ray Eames to World War II.

The Workshop zone is the ideal setting for people to work together to generate new ideas and drive their work forward. The Conference X by Walter Knoll serves as the heart of the room, with the conference table showcasing beauty, efficiency and maximum flexibility. The Hive, a grouping of individual work stations that also offers itself to harmonious collaboration. With electrically-powered and adjustable desks by Herman Miller. 

living edge office refurbishment

The Clubhouse, a working neighbourhood designed to belong to a specific long-term project, features a group work point with ergonomic seating to enable people to freely and intuitively cycle between tasks and activities. It encourages the use of a variety of fixed, mobile, personal, and remote technology. The Herman Miller Exclave, as a suite of collaborative products, features mobile whiteboards, noticeboards, eco boards, tables and media tiles, to ensure information and ideas are easily shared between users of the Clubhouse space. 

The lighting of the space has been redesigned, which the company believes was imperative to the refurbishment and creating a positive workspace. Living Edge CEO, Aidan Mawhinney, says the requirements of the modern workplace have changed in the wake of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has highlighted just how successful remote working can be, and we recognise the need to redefine our workplace to optimise employee satisfaction and performance,” he says.

“As such, our new workspace aims to reflect a more hybrid strategy, whereby employees have autonomy over their workday. We also want to re-establish those social, collaborative and community connections that have been missed during lockdown.”

living edge office refurbishment

Originally designed by Woods Bagot, the refurbishment was undertaken by the Design Studio, Living Edge’s team of in-house interior designers. The team, based Australia-wide, offers personalised and curated interior design services spanning from the initial consultation through to concept development, furniture selection and final delivery stages.

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