Liverpool’s city centre will be completely revitalised under a new plan by the NSW Government and Liverpool City Council.

According to Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, 25 hectares of land in the Liverpool CBD has been rezoned from commercial to mixed-use, with the view to build a vibrant new commercial and residential hub.

Up to 10,000 new homes and 22,000 new jobs are planned for the area.

“Changes to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) will open the door for Liverpool to fulfil its potential as the next significant city centre in Sydney,” says Roberts.

“Liverpool’s transformation has the potential to be enjoyed by locals and international visitors, with the city centre being on the doorstep of the future Western Sydney Airport.

“The rezoning enables increased building heights for selected key sites and will ensure people have easy access to public transport, the city campuses of both Western Sydney University and University of Wollongong and Liverpool Hospital’s $740 million redevelopment.”

There are also plans to improve pedestrian and cycle paths throughout the city to enhance access to the Georges River. A key focus will be allocating green grids and preserving open space community areas with enhanced walkway connections through the city.

Liverpool City Council will soon be considering development applications.