Young designer Sarang Sheth created Little Twist, a faucet that solves the problem people face while trying to operate a faucet with dirty or soapy hands.

To prevent having to constantly wipe down the faucet every time you touch it, Sheth designed an outlet with the handle constructed underneath the water source so that it cleans both your hands and itself.

The handle is aesthetically shaped to resemble a spout of water and operates using a basic 90-degree twist motion.

The handle is made from ceramic so it doesn’t accumulate hard water stains the way stainless steel handles do.

An aerator in the spout ensures the water streams straight down and doesn’t spray out to the sides.

Although the Little Twist is currently a conceptual product, designed originally as a student project, Sheth hopes it will soon reach the stage of production.

Courtesy Dornob