The 2016 National Architecture Conference in Adelaide this April will feature two influential Spanish architects in the impressive speaker line-up. The conference, How Soon is Now, will take place 28-30 April.

Co-creative Directors Cameron Bruhn, Sam Spurr and Ben Hewett, have named ‘guerrilla architect’ Santiago Cirugeda of Seville and self-sufficiency advocate Vicente Guallart from Barcelona as additions to the comprehensive two-day program.

According to Sam Spurr, the two speakers from Spain representing opposite ends of architectural practice will show how architecture can impact on the creation of urban environments. Vincent Guallart’s engagement across government, academia and commercial practice shows how working within establishments can generate fundamental and ambitious change at the scale of the city. Working as Chief Architect of Barcelona, Guallart also has a long interest in supporting architectural experimentation.

Cirugeda, on the other hand, is passionately anti-institution, whose ‘bottom-up’ practice is formed to empower and support citizens in the construction of their public spaces. Called a ‘guerilla architect’ by Al Jazeera, he utilises the skills and knowledge of architects to provocatively bypass and even harness the bureaucratic laws and regulations that control the city.

The 2016 National Architecture Conference has an impressive list of local and international architects, educators and influencers who will deliver keynote addresses, panel conversations and project presentations as part of the conference.

The speaker line-up includes

  • Santiago Cirugeda – Recetas Urbanas (Spain)
  • Vicente Guallart – Guallart Architects (Spain)
  • Amica Dall – Assemble (UK)
  • Sadie Morgan – dRMM Architects (UK)
  • Astrid Klein - Klein Dytham architecture (Japan)
  • Thomas Fisher – University of Minnesota (USA)
  • Julie Eizenberg – Koning Eizenberg Architecture (USA)
  • Nasrine Seraji – Atelier Seraji Architects and Associates (France)
  • Kevin Low – smallprojects (Kuala Lumpur)
  • John Wardle – John Wardle Architects (Aus)
  • Sandra Kaji-O’Grady – University of Queensland (Aus)
  • Tim Williams – Committee for Sydney (Aus)
  • Greg Mackie OAM – Ideas Wrangler (Aus)
  • Kerstin Thompson – Kerstin Thompson Architects (Aus)

Early bird registrations close on Thursday 10 March.

Image: Santiago Cirugeda – Recetas Urbanas (Spain)