John Wardle Architects’ (JWA) Coincidences exhibition is currently in its final week at the University of Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery.

The exhibition by the renowned Australian architect – the inaugural winner of the NGV’s annual architecture commission, and the mind behind the celebrated Melbourne School of Design building – includes 26 photographs of completed JWA projects. Throughout the exhibition, a commonality is sought between the forms. Thematically, the exhibition is similar to John Wardle Architects’ 2016 book, This Building Likes Me

Melbourne School of Design, Westfield Sydney, Fairhaven Beach House, Shearers Quarters and Kew House are among the exhibition’s featured projects.

“We thought very carefully before undertaking the exhibition and were determined that it not take the form of a conventional architecture show,” Wardle told Habitus Living.

“We examined our own methodology as a practice and decided to, as much as possible, expose the inner workings of the studio, [and] the broad coalition of the many people involved. We are fundamentally a collaborative practice.” 

The photographers whose images form Coincidences include some of the country’s most revered names in architectural photography. Sharyn Cairns, Erieta Attali, Sam Noonan, Kristoffer Paulsen, Brett Boardman, Earl Carter, Peter Hyatt, Dianna Snape, Peter Bennetts, John Gollings, Shannon McGrath, Trevor Mein, Max Creasy and artist Peter Kennedy are among those featured.

Next door to the main photographic gallery, a second exhibition chamber houses a film by Coco and Maximilian, which showcases JWA’s work within a different format. The film is accompanied by a series of 3D visualisations of John Wardle projects that have been designed, but are yet to be built.

Coincidences will be displayed at Tin Sheds Gallery until Friday 26 May.