World renowned architect, Kengo Kuma has used a unique thermoplastic carbon fibre composite technology for seismic reinforcement at a recent project in Japan.

As part of his renovation the Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory (Fa Bo), Kuma draped the building’s exterior with the world’s first carbon fibre composite seismic reinforcement called Cabkoma Strand Rod. The rod is a carbon fibre composite covered in synthetic as well as inorganic fibres and finished with a thermoplastic resin.

The new technology is considered the lightest seismic reinforcement in the world, weighing just 12kg for a 160 metre-long roll, and is easily transportable. Cabkoma is flexible and soft to touch unlike conventional reinforcing materials that are generally hard and heavy.

Other Komatsu Seiren technological innovations are also on show at Fa Bo including the company’s ultrafine porous spongy ceramic material called Greenbiz. Greenbiz is made using waste from the fabric dyeing process (which is Komatsu Seiren’s main industry) as the raw material and utilizing a method developed with traditional Japanese ceramic art for the green top.  The base material is lightweight and used as an alternative to greening roofs and walls in buildings. 

Watch Kengo Kuma talk about the project below: