According to reports, social media platforms went into hyperdrive recently as Kanye West tweeted his apparent desire to open his own architecture firm.

As the famous rapper and fashion designer said on Twitter, he was all for "architects and industrial designers who want to make the world better."

Afterwards, he revealed that he was going to open an architecture arm of his fashion label, Yeezy.

But when it comes to West and architecture, there does seems to be some real history there.

Although the world-famous rapper has not had any formal training in architecture or design, he does profess a close affinity with the architecture and design world, often publicly flaunting his close relationships to an array of globally-known leaders of both professions.

Back in 2012, West collaborated with Dutch architect, architectural theorist and urbanist

 Rem Koolhaas to create a seven screen performance pavilion for the Cannes Film Festival.

Just 12 months later, West gave a lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and in the end inspired a wide-ranging sociological article by Jamaican-born architect Sekou Cooke entitled "Keep Talking Kanye: An Architect's Defense of Kanye West."

When it comes to Kanye West, passion and creativity are hardly in short supply and as he himself says, “I just want to bring as much beauty to the world as possible...”

So if an architecture firm is really what Kanye West wants to pursue, then success most probably will very quickly follow.