Johnson Pilton Walker (JPW) has responded to criticism surrounding its development proposal for Sydney's Cambell’s Stores with a refined design.

The architects' first DA for the remediation, renewal, adaptive re-use and revitalisation of The Rock's landmark was met with circa-120 submissions during its exhibition period in late 2015.

Most submissions, including a scathing letter from State Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwhich, and one from the City of Sydney (CoS), were critical of JPW’s proposal for a new glass-block standalone structure to the site’s northern tip called Bay 12.

The concerns from Greenwhich and the CoS regarding Bay 12 were echoed by a number of the public submissions, and indeed comments from our own readers, and were mostly focussed on Bay 12’s impact on view corridors and its material palette.

Upon request from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, JPW has now returned with a refined design that seeks to address those concerns raised during the public exhibition period.

Refinements made to the design of Bay 12 include a reduction in the height of the roof, parapet and lift overrun, as well its overall design and materiality.

The architects have also provided more detail about how Bay 12 will integrate with the colours of the surrounding heritage building. They have kept the glass blocks but have attempted to harmonise their impact with use of warm-coloured grouting and special glass blocks with painted edges. Warm coloured aggregates and sand mix will also be used for Bay 12’s exposed concrete soffit.

Then and now: JPW have changed the height, and colour of the Bay 12 standalone structure at the northern tip of Cambell’s Stores2.JPG

Left: All glass blocks to have special warm grey edge treatment to match the warmth of Campbell’s Stores. Right: Off form concrete Class 2 with warm coloured aggregates consistent with Campbell’s Stores

The new DA is once again available for public submission via the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website

It includes a number of other refinements to the design for the upgrade and refurbishment of the existing Cambell's Stores buildings. 

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Images: NSW Planning/JPW Architects