Johnson Pilton Walker’s designs for Sydney’s Campbell’s Stores at The Rocks have been amended following community feedback

The majority of JPW’s original vision for the historic storehouses and their surrounds has been retained, however a landscaped outdoor terrace has replaced a proposed three-storey glass block building at the site’s northern tip.

The application to restore Campbell’s Stores was assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment and referred to the independent Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) for final decision.

Anthea Sargeant, Executive Director, Key Sites and Industry Assessments, said the original proposal raised many concerns during the public exhibition period in late 2015 and last year, particularly around the proposed glass block building.  

“After receiving more than 100 submissions objecting to the proposed building, we sought independent expert heritage and design advice,” Sargeant said.

“It was found that this building was not compatible with the heritage and surrounding buildings at the site and shouldn’t be included.”

The PAC will now assess the amended proposal.

See comparisons of design below:

View from Hickson Road (previous proposal versus new proposal)2-Old.jpg2-New.jpg

View from Park Hyatt Promenade 3-Old.jpg3-New.jpg

View from Sydney Harbour Bridge looking south4-New.jpg4-Old.jpg

Images: JPW/NSW Planning - Photomontages by Virtual Ideas