Industrial designer Jonas Edvard Nielsen combines mushroom-mycelium with plant filaments to create his unique and evolving ‘MYX’ lamps.

The lamps are moulded from a flexible material that Nielson grows from waste collected from a commercial mushrooms farm and filament leftovers from the textile industry.

Over the period of three weeks the soft living textile evolves as the mycelium ‘adheres’ the plant filaments together using a web of stabilizing threads.

After two weeks, an edible and nutritious Oyster mushroom can be harvested from the textile.

The rest of the matter is dried in a custom made kiln until the mycelium is no longer active, resulting in a strong, lightweight fabric that is moulded into the MYX lampshades.

The lamps are organic, compostable and sustainable and have the added qualities of being sound absorbing and flameproof – characteristics that make the mushroom-mycelium material also suitable for custom shaped organic insulation.   

The MYX lamp is part of the Danish Crafts Collection ‘CC18′, and is being presented at the 2014 Autumn edition of Maison Et Objet.

Courtesy Designboom