Jean Nouvel has taken legal action to distance himself from his latest project, Paris’ recently opened €390 million Philharmonie concert hall, if renovations are not undertaken to 26 ‘non-compliant’ areas. 

According to ArchDaily, the French architect has demanded that 26 areas, including “parapets, fireplaces, facades, the promenade and 2,400-seat concert hall itself”, be renovated to his original designs. Until these amendments are made, his name and image are to be removed from all references to the publicly funded Philharmonie de Paris.

Nouvel boycotted the opening of the concert hall in January this year after insisting that the project was rushed to an unrealistic deadline, which he says compromised the quality of the project. 

“The Philharmonie has shot itself in both feet,” Nouvel said at the time of the hall’s opening. “The architect has been martyred, the details sabotaged.”

A decision is expected on April 16. 

Image: Arte