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    Jamie Carpenter ‘gift wraps’ Cotton Bowl Stadium in shimmering mesh façade

    World renowned architect, Jamie Carpenter has revealed his contribution to the $25.5 million revamp of the Dallas Cotton Bowl Stadium.

    Carpenter has equipped the stadium with a new ‘Light Veil’ façade, constructed from 352 evenly spaced ribbons of steel mesh, which shield the building's interior from the sun.

    The mesh bands, each approximately 15 metres long, half a metre wide and weighing 36 kilograms, hang at a slight inward angle, anchoring to the façade at its midpoint before continuing down vertically.

    Although transparent up close, a second set of mesh ribbons, shorter than the first and angled in the opposite direction, mean that from a distance the screens appear solid.

    The design creates interplay between the mesh and sunlight that hits the stadium, producing a shimmering effect across the façade.

    The “gift wrapped” exterior, as some commentators have dubbed Carpenter’s creation, cost $8 million to complete and was accompanied by the addition of more club seats and concession stands, as part of the Cotton Bowl's overall refurbishment.

    Courtesy Architect’s Newspaper

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