Dutch architecture firm Heren 5 has worked with artist Boris Tellegen to produce a striking brick façade for a new seven-storey housing complex in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Heren 5 and Tellegen arranged yellow, grey and blue-green bricks to create a jagged pattern based on isometric drawings of towers.

The design is synonymous with Boris Tellegen’s style of art, which is characterised by flat surfaces that are layered to create three-dimensional forms or eroded to reveal hidden layers.

Two masons worked for three months to transform a digital model of the pattern into a 3 dimensional design and integrate it into the exterior wall of the Huis van Hendrick or House of Hendrik.

The housing complex is surrounded by post-war apartment blocks, and reflects the artwork commonly found in architecture from the 1950s era.

The complex is arranged in an L-shape around a street corner and houses 106 apartments, each around 90 square metres.

Behind the street, the L-shaped building encloses a communal garden designed by Buro Mien Ruys, which provides access to a mixture of open and enclosed spaces.

Courtesy Dezeen