Business is not as usual – but this could be an opportunity for it to be better than before. Habitus won’t stop celebrating architecture and design, just as we’re sure you won’t stop giving us things to celebrate.

Where would we be right now if this were any other year? Rather than lament unanticipated changes to our calendars and schedules let us take this as opportunity to question naturalised patterns of behaviour.

This is the time for innovation, creative thinking and determination. As editors, journalists, architects and designers, in these unprecedented times there is no rulebook or manual we can look to. Instead we are looking to each other: how can we as a community come together to ensure we remain healthy, safe and thriving with the capacity to bounce back relatively unscathed after this moment of uncertainty passes?

Business is not as usual and to push forward and refuse to adapt or recalibrate would be reckless. But that doesn’t mean we can or should do nothing. It’s important to stay active; we just need to rethink our moves.

We have the passion, power, and resources to proceed – it will simply look different. And what better time to rethink the way the architecture and design industry runs, to really question the pillars by which it runs, than when we are forced?

We are living in the digital age, one in which we can connect with designers and design enthusiasts across the globe, across the country and, as the case may be, across the city during times when it’s not viable to travel or meet.

Architecture & Design still wants to know about the products and innovations and in the conversations that design shape life?

And we still can. We can have these conversations digitally with architects, designers and developers, and we can share our insights, as we always do, right here at

 We are looking into virtual tours of new designs as they open; we are excited to explore different mediums to share product releases with our audience; and without doubt we will continue to delve into issues plaguing the industry (or taking it by storm) through panel discussions – only they will be recordings you can download. 

For more than a decade Architecture & Design has been unwavering in its mission: to support and celebrate the local architecture and design community in its ventures and successes. This is no time to stop. As you move forward, and the only way is forward, we are here to support you. And we are excited at the prospect of being challenged to do so in new ways.

So, when you have things to talk about make sure you pick up the phone and let us know, and we can let you know our ideas on how to share. For now, we can’t be on the ground scouting as we once were; but we are very much still here – just as you are.

Image: istock