Two ramps circumrotate from the ground to the top floor of SURE Architecture’s “The Endless City in Height" skyscraper.

Designed for the City of London, the project recently won first place in the international SkyScrapers & SuperSkyscraper Competition.

The proposal illustrates a vertical city comprising of various plazas located continuously along two low gradient ramps that wrap the exterior of the entire structure.

The different precincts are offset both vertically and horizontally from the main structure and are linked together with bridges, which cross a central void.

As people walk along the sloped paths of the vertical city they will discover areas of retail, innovative and technologic spaces, parks and public places and both inside and outside auditoriums.

Six structural steel tubes support the two ramps and enclose the vertical flux (people, energy, waste, water and prefabricated modular steel elements).

The skyscraper shape is designed to maximize passive energy and reduce artificial lighting, ventilation and cooling needs, while also integrating itself with surrounding streets in London.

Courtesy Bustler