The Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) has announced the shortlisted finalists for 2016.

Claiming to be Australia’s largest and most successful independent design awards program, IDEA celebrates the best of Australian interior and product design across 11 categories and five Special Awards.

The shortlist includes projects from some of the country’s leading architecture and design firms, as well as emerging local designers.

2016 IDEA shortlisted finalists



Woods Bagot

Photography by Peter Bennetts 

  • Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza Redevelopment
  • Woods Bagot Office Melbourne
  • Jemena Workplace Melbourne
  • Paramount By the Office Space
  • International Towers Sydney – Tower 2 Lobby
  • Challenger – 5 Martin Place


  • Peninsula House
  • Pacific Lighthouse
  • 10 Wylde Street
  • No.17 Danks, Category: Melbourne Penthouse
  • Toorak House
  • Harry The Hirers – Head Offices

Russell & George

  • NGV Best of the Best
  • Aésop Westgate
  • Aésop KLCC
  • The Millipede
  • Aésop Doncaster V2
  • The Doctor’s Studio


  • The Sleeperie
  • Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chophouse
  • Ovolo Wooloomooloo
  • The Club Hotel
  • Global Mining and Resources Company Headquarters
  • Transurban Headquarters

Fiona Lynch

  • Balwyn Residence
  • Williamstown Residence
  • Hargreaves Residence

Bates Smart

  • Canberra Airport Hotel
  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
  • Concavo
  • Cushman + Wakefield Sydney
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • Sparke Helmore
  • 106 Flinders Street

Arent & Pyke

  • Bronte House
  • Croydon House
  • Bellevue Hill House
  • Double Bay House


  • Karen Abernethy ArchitectsEmerging-Designer-Karen-Abernethy-Architects-Image-Katherine-Lu.jpgPhotography by Katherine Lu 
  • Tom Fereday Design
  • Studio Esteta
  • Stem & Stamen
  • Rhys Cooper
  • Red Block
  • Narie Whitby
  • Markowitzdesign
  • Lukas Partners
  • INK Interior Architects
  • Harry Zanios
  • Harrison Interiors
  • HA
  • Georgina Wilson Architect
  • Geoffrey Cameron Marshall
  • Franco Crea
  • Flack Studio
  • Branch Studio Architects
  • Ash Allen
  • Amber Road
  • Adele Bates Design Studio


  • The Sleeperie by Hassell with Sto Werkstatt and Draisci StudioEvent-The-Sleeperie-by-Hassell-Image-IDEA.jpgImage: IDEA 
  • Work with Me Here by Sibling
  • NGV Best of the Best by Russell George
  • Lexus Design Pavilion by Mim Design
  • The Act and Art of Pinning by Fulton Trotter Architects
  • Wulugul Pop-Up by Foolscap Studio
  • Melbourne Art Book Fair by Fold Theory
  • Tappeti Rugs Installation by Cox Richardson with Tappeti Rugs


  • Shelter Island by Nexus DesignsInternational-Shelter-Island-by-Nexus-Designs-Image-Jonny-Valiant.jpgPhotography by Jonny Valiant 
  • Aēsop Westgate by Rusell & George
  • Aēsop KLCC by Russell & George
  • The Sleeperie by Hassell with Sto Werkstatt and Draisci Studio
  • Global Mining and Resources Company Headquartersby Hassell
  • Port Moresby Private Residence by Gilmore Interior Design
  • Little Bean Roasters by Design Office


  • The Old Clare Hotely by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer
    Hospitality-The-Old-Clare-Hotel-by-Tonkin-Zulaikha-Greer-Image-Chris-Court.jpgPhotography by Chris Court 
  • Mammoth by Techné Architecture + Interior Design
  • Brae Restaurant and Guest Suites by Six Degrees Architecture
  • The Rabbit Hole – Organic Tea Bar by Matt Woods Design
  • Luxeten by Maria Danos Architecture
  • The Tilbury by Luchetti Krelle
  • Single Origin York Street by Luchetti Krelle
  • Blackwood Pantry by Luchetti Krelle
  • Tarrawarra Cellar Door by Kerstin Thompson Architects
  • The Ugly Duckling by Hecker Guthrie
  • The Club Hotel by Hassell
  • Ovolo Woolloomooloo by Hassell
  • Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chophouse by Hassell
  • Harry & Frankie Fitzroy by Harrison Interiors
  • Airport New Zealand Flagship Lounge, Sydney by Gensler
  • Antica Pizzeria E Cucina by Genesin Studio
  • Noma Australia by Foolscap Studio with Lendlease
  • LOT 1 by Enter Projects
  • New York Minutes by Di Mase Architects
  • Little Bean Roasters by Design Office
  • Dinner By Heston Blumenthal by Bates Smart
  • Canberra Airport Hotel by Bates Smart
  • Alex Hotel by Arent & Pyke with Spaceagency
  • Eat Burger by Amber Road


  • The Millipede by Russell & George
    Object-Furniture-and-lighting-The-Millipede-by-Russell-George-Image-Lauren-Bamford.jpgPhotography by Lauren Bamford 
  • Hang by Yellow Diva
  • Mornington by Vuue
  • Wes Range by Tom Fereday Design
  • Surface Sconce by Studio henry Wilson
  • FernPanel by Stem & Stamen
  • Play Pods by Silvester Fuller
  • Tailored High-Back by Ross Gardam
  • Ora Desk Lamp by Ross Gardam
  • Garment Rails by Owen Architecture
  • Franco Crea Concept Kitchen by Franco Crea
  • Gelava Chairs by Didier
  • Bow Chair by Design By Them with Tom Fereday
  • Mayu Collection by Coco Flip
  • Lighting as Jewellery by Christopher Boots
  • Cult Bower by Adam Goodrum Studio


  • Ivanhoe Grammar Senior Years & Science Centre by McBride Charles RyanPublic-Space-Ivanhoe-Grammar-by-McBride-Charles-Ryan-Image-John-Gollings.jpgPhotography by John Gollings 
  • International Towers Sydney Tower 2 Lobby by Woods Bagot
  • Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza Development by Woods Bagot
  • NBCS by WMK
  • Eastland Realm Library by The Buchan Group
  • studioFive by PTID
  • Lido Cinemas by ITN Architects
  • Deakin University, Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training by Gray Puksand  
  • University of Sydney, Student Administration Services by Geyer
  • One Community Church by DKO
  • Newcastle Courthouse by Cox Richardson
  • MLC Boarding House Refurbishment by CODA
  • St Stephen’s Junior Years Refurbishment by CODA
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School – Stage 1 by BVN
  • Flyover Gallery by Branch Studio Architects
  • Brisbane International Airport Retail Upgrade by Arkhefield with Richards & Spence 


  • Toorak Residence by Adele Bates DesignResidential-Decoration-Toorak-Residence-by-Adele-Bates-Design-Image-Chris-Warnes.jpgPhotography by Chris Warnes 
  • OGRADY by Whiting A+I
  • Normanby by Whiting A+I
  • Theodore Treehouse by Studiobird
  • Peninsula House by SJB Interiors
  • Pacific Lighthouse by SJB Interiors
  • Elizabeth Bay Residence by Sarah Davison Interior Design
  • Toorak2 by Robson Rak Architects & Interior Designers
  • Shelter Island by Nexus Designs
  • Ocean Residence by FMD Architects
  • Elsternwick Residence by Flack Studio
  • Hawthorn Residence by Doherty Design Studio
  • Croydon House by Arent & Pyke
  • Bronte House by Arent & Pyke
  • Bellevue Hill House by Arent & Pyke
  • Deco House by Amber Road


  • Carrical House by Rob Mills ArchitectureResidential-Single-Carrical-House-by-Rob-Mills-Architecture-Image-Mark-Roper.jpgPhotography by Mark Roper 
  • OGRADY by Whiting A+I
  • Indigo Slam by Smart Design Studio
  • Toorak House by SJB Interiors
  • Melbourne Penthouse by SJB Interiors
  • Courtyard House by Robson Rak Architects & Interiors Designers
  • Main Ridge House by Noxon Giffen
  • Mah Residence by Mim Design
  • The House Next Door by Mark Szcerbicki Design Studio
  • Vaucluse House by Lawless & Meyerson
  • Carlton Warehouse by Kennedy Nolan
  • Mosman Bay House by Iredale Pederson Hook Architects
  • McLeod House by Ian Moore Architects
  • Prahran Residence by Hecker Guthrie
  • Little O’Grady Residence by HA
  • Field House by Gray Puksand
  • Concrete House by Fringe Architects
  • Dowel House by FMD Architects
  • Hargreaves Residence by Fiona Lynch
  • Williamstown Residence by Fiona Lynch
  • Balwyn Residence by Fiona Lynch
  • Anglesea House 5 by Emma Mitchell Architects
  • Caulfield Residence by Doherty Design Studio
  • White House by Clare Cousins Architects
  • Unfurled House by Christopher Polly Architect
  • Darling Point Apartment by Chenchow Little Architects
  • Kate’s House by Bower Architecture & Interiors
  • Double Bay House by Arent & Pyke
  • Fluid Apartment by Architecture Saville Isaacs
  • Fitzroy Loft by Architects EAT
  • Bower by Andrew Simpson Architects 
  • Sorrento Beach House by AM Architecture 


  • Sydney 385 by Smart DesignResidential-Multi-Sydney-385-by-Smart-Design-Image-Sharrin-Res.jpgPhotography by Sharrin Rees
  • No. 17 Danks by SJB Interiors
  • 10 Wylde Street by SJB Interiors
  • Two Little Chestnuts by Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture
  • The Steps Central park by Nettletontribe Architects
  • UniLodge @ VU, Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus by Nettletontribe Architects
  • Six Brookville Road by Neometro with MA Architects
  • George Corner by Neometro
  • Arthouse by Justin Architecture
  • One Bedford Street by DKO
  • Concavo by Bates Smart
  • The Alexandra Display Suite by ADDARC with Hecker Guthrie 


  • V-Zug by Whiting Architecture + InteriorsRetail-V-Zug-by-Whiting-Arch-Image-Sharyn-Cairns.jpg
    Photography by Sharyn Cairns 
  • Melbourne Quarter Marketing Suite by Technē Architecture + Interior Design
  • Yellow Earth Flagship Store by Tandem Design Studio
  • Lune Croissanterie by Studio Estera
  • Aēsop Doncaster V2 by Russell & George
  • Abey Showroom by Rothelowman
  • Multyflex Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom by Mim Design
  • Melbourne Central Lower Ground Refresh by Kennedy Nolan
  • Aurelio Costarella Flagship Store by JK Interior Design
  • OSKA by INK Interior Architects
  • Allen Tailoring by INK Interior Architects
  • Robert Clerc Jewellery Shop and Gallery by Ian Moore Architects
  • Pitella by Hecker Guthrie
  • Telstra Discovery Store by Geyer
  • Fanuli by Bradhly Le
  • Hues Hair by Adriana Hanna 


  • Indigo Slam by Smart Design StudioSustainability-Indigo-Slam-by-Smart-Design-Studio-Image-Sharrin-Rees.jpgPhotography by Sharrin Rees
  • Brae Restaurant & Guest Suites by Six Degrees Architects
  • Main Ridge House by Noxon Giffen
  • Ivanhoe Grammar Senior Years and Science Centre by McBride Charles Ryan
  • Westpac Barangaroo by Geyer
  • Concrete House by Fringe Architects
  • Noma Australia by Foolscap Studio with Lendlease
  • Melbourne Art Book Fair by Fold Theory 


  • Pyrmont Fire Station and Offices by Group GSAWorkplace-Over-Pyrmont-Fire-by-Group-GSA-Image-Tyrone-Brannigan.jpgPhotography by Tyrone Brannigan 
  • Minter Ellison by BVN
  • Jemena Workplace Melbourne by Woods Bagot
  • Woods Bagot Office Melbourne by Woods Bagot
  • Challenger – 5 Martin Place by Woods Bagot
  • Porter Davis by The Bold Collective
  • Harry the Hirer – Head Offices by SJB Interiors
  • WT Partnership by PDM International
  • Novartis by HDR|Rice Daubney
  • Transurban Headquarters by Hassell
  • Westpac Barangaroo by Geyer
  • Dropbox Sydney by Gensler
  • 155 Clarence Cox Richardson Studio by Cox Richardson
  • MCFo Melbourne by Carr
  • Global Management Consulting Firm, Sydney by Carr
  • Norton Rose Fulbright Perth by Carr
  • Institute and School of Theology and Philosophy at ACU by Bower Architecture & Interiors
  • Sparke Helmore by Bates Smart
  • Corrs Chambers Wetgarth
  • Cushman and Wakefield, Sydney by Bates Smart


  • Squint / Opera Melbourne by SiblingWorkplace-Under-Opera-Melbourne-by-Sibling-Image-Christine-Francis.jpgPhotography by Christine Francis
  • Paramount by the Office Space by Woods Bagot
  • Unispace by Unispace
  • L’Oréal Australia by Travis Walton Architecture
  • Snelleman Tom by Tonic Design
  • The Doctor’s Studio by Russell & George
  • Landream by Mim Design
  • Zagame’s HQ by Lukas Partners
  • Park Street Office by Luchetti Krelle
  • Humming Puppy Sydney by Karen Abernethy Architects with Louisa Macleod
  • Evolution 7 by Hecker Guthrie
  • Studio Hub by Geyer
  • Paspalis, Centrepoint by Georgina Wilson Architect
  • Slack Melbourne Office by Breathe Architecture
  • 106 Flinders Street by Bates Smart
  • The Chancellary by Allen Jack + Cottier 


  • Hanging Studio Table by MarkowitzdesignObject-rising-Hanging-Studio-Table-by-Markowitzdesign-Image-Ben-Clement.jpgPhotography by Ben Clement 
  • Split by Rhys Cooper
  • Pac Pendant by Red Block
  • Nook Chair by Narie Whitby
  • Hexy Legs by Harry Zanios
  • Conus Range by Geoffery Cameron Marshall
  • Flex Barstool and Table by Ash Allen with Harry Zanios