Swedish firm Radja Sound Design Agency (RSDA) have shown creative heights and a unique take on auditory design with their sound strategy for Emporia, one of Europe’s largest shopping centres.

Their project was recently announced a 2014 Red Dot Communication Design Award winner and will be globally showcased on the Red Dot tour to begin in October.

Emporia is one of Europe’s most spectacular shopping centres and the building accommodates 200 stores, restaurants and cafes, a rooftop park, several family rooms and plenty of lounge areas.

Radja developed a complete sound strategy for the building which included unique sound logos, soundscapes and composed music for several public areas. They also included a client radio concept that links customers and visitors with Emporia’s staff and tenants.  

“To us the award is proof that good design pays off. In many contexts sound is used without thought. Instead, we should use sound as the magnificent tool it actually is and make demands on how we want both our environment and products to sound,” said Creative Director, Martin Hallberg.

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About the project from Radja Sound Design Agency:

^Martin Hallberg, Creative Director for Radja Sound Design Agency.

“In 2010, Radja Sound Design Agency was commissioned to develop a sound strategy for Emporia in Malmö, Sweden.

The owners, Steen & Ström, wanted to take control over Emporia audial expression and saw sound as an important design factor.

They believed strongly in the brand's importance and wanted to create an extraordinary experience for their visitors and make Emporia something more than just another shopping centre in the crowd.

Radja’s creative team consisted of sound designers as well as engineers, architects and market experts.

Together they created a unique auditory experience; allowing visitors to travel up from the ocean floor into a rippling ocean surface, onto a floral oasis, soaring past a jazzy space orchestra to land in peace and quiet in a retro-inspired automotive landscape.

Radja developed a complete sound strategy on how Emporia communicates audibly. We produced unique sound logos, soundscapes and composed music for several public areas; including 6 squares different in both appearance and profile, family lounges, kids corners, WCs and the parking areas. In addition, we developed a client radio concept that makes it super easy for Emporia to get closer to their visitors.”

Images: Supplied.