Concerned by modern society's primarily indoor lifestyle, The Phonton Project has developed an all-glass modular dwelling designed to ensure its occupants receive the health benefits of natural light.

Launched recently on Crowdcube, the 45 metre-squared 'Photon Space' features multi-layered, high-performance glass walls, bonded to curved glass beams and an integrated steel subframe.

The specially designed glass accounts for insulation, solar gain, UV transmittance, sound levels and temperate climate control, and offers access to ample amounts of sunlight and the blue light spectrum.

The project is backed by a recent long-term Oxford University study, which found that a healthy dose of natural light could help regulate circadian rhythms, reduce stress, and improve mood, among other benefits.

Advanced built-in nanotechnology means the glass can also be darkened to produce a sleep-regulating environment, even in broad daylight.

Inside, the Photon Space includes a furnished living room, a double bedroom, and a modular integrated kitchen and bathroom. 

According to the designers, the modular structure can be built in around 4 weeks and has minimal impact on its surroundings, making it suitable to be constructed in facilities such as spas, hotels, health retreats and medical centres.

Video: The Photon Project

Courtesy Archinect