Future Trend Talks, the eagerly awaiting seminar series at the upcoming Integrate 2014 trade show will feature a keynote address by Joost Demarest, Chief Technical Officer of the KNX Association based in Belgium.

Demarest (pictured below) will share his experience, technical expertise and vision for the future of smart buildings at the seminar on Wednesday 27 August 2014. KNX are the creators of Europe’s most recognised standard of intelligent building protocol.

In this keynote session, Demarest will reveal how the Australian building industry can achieve a ‘Smart City’ - a KNX City model where building automation, industrial control systems and city infrastructure systems all work together as one. He will also explain the reasons why KNX, in-line with the International Energy Performance Regulations, has launched the KNX City concept, which establishes the basis for achieving future Smart Cities based on KNX technology.

According to Demarest, the session will explain in detail how a simultaneously controlled, monitored and signalled system can significantly lower energy consumption, and provide users with added convenience. He will also unveil KNX’s ‘Smart City’, where he will demonstrate how the harmonious sharing of data and control between energy suppliers, the power grid, buildings and users across one standard control protocol will set the benchmark for future smart building.

The keynote session, KNX and the Smart City will held on 27 August 2014 from 10.30am until 11.30am.

The keynote will be followed by two other sessions: Smart Building Facades – A New View by Anders Hall, International Affairs Manager from Somfy; and World Class Technologies in Australian Smart Buildings, a panel discussion with Anders Hall (International Affairs Manager from Somfy), Peter Garrett (Managing Director of mySmartCTI) and Joost Demarest (Chief Technical Officer at KNX).

This panel discussion will examine the challenges of delivering the perfect smart building and give delegates practical insights into ways buildings can be designed to seamlessly integrate global smart technologies into Australian buildings.

Integrate 2014 will be held on 26-28 August 2014, at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.