North-West Sydney has received a $39 million grant from the NSW Government to fund road upgrades.

The grant is part of the Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) scheme, which will deliver unprecedented funding for roads, bridges and intersections in North-West Sydney.

“Last financial year, under the Western Sydney SIC scheme, the NSW Government granted $39 million to Roads and Maritime Service and Blacktown Council to commence planning and design for road upgrades worth $600 million for the community,” says Brett Whitworth, deputy secretary of planning and design.

“The grants will help fund upgrades to Burdekin Road, Burdekin Road overpass, Garfield Road, Richmond Road, Hambledon Road North, Boundary Road and Railway Terrace. This is in addition to over $500 million of funding provided by the NSW Government and developers to deliver upgrades to Schofields Road, Richmond Road Stages 1 and 2, a new school in the Ponds, and secure 170 hectares of land for biodiversity conservation purposes.”

Whitworth says a revised North West SIC will deliver $1.5 billion for infrastructure in Sydney’s North-West over the next 30 years.

“With this funding we will be able to significantly contribute to upgrades of roads and public transport, as well as providing land for schools, health facilities, emergency services and regional parks for current and future residents.

"All of these upgrades are in addition to the North West Metro which will open in 2019 and transport thousands of people to and from the area every day.”

Under the revised SIC, up to $1.5 billion funding for Sydney’s north-west will be collected and used to fund roads, intersections, bridges ($1.05 billion); public transport infrastructure ($80 million); land for schools ($95 million); biodiversity ($101 million); open space and conservation ($69 million); land for health ($35 million) and emergency services and justice ($7 million); cycle and walkways ($4 million); and planning and delivery costs ($63 million).