CSIRO Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight Dr Stefan Hajkowicz will discuss the challenges associated with rising energy consumption trends at the upcoming Energy Skills Queensland Annual Conference 2014 in Brisbane.

The recent G20 Leaders Summit saw some of the world’s most powerful people discussing global infrastructure and the world’s energy requirements. Dr Hajkowicz says global megatrends such as rising Asian economies, digital technology disruption, ecosystem diversity and resource scarcity should all continue to play a major role in shaping the leaders’ agenda as they head back to their home countries.

Mr Hajkowicz co-authored CSIRO’s ‘Our Future World: Global megatrends that will change the way we live’ report and is thrilled to see climate change as a political and economic issue thrust into the G20 spotlight.

Dr Hajkowicz explains that the world’s projected energy consumption is skyrocketing, and will continue to do so with a demand increase of 40 percent through to 2035 across all sectors, and an expected cost of US$38 trillion. Renewable energy, he believes, will only make a minor contribution to world energy use by the year 2035.

Dedicated to skills development in Queensland’s mining, utilities and telecommunications industries, the Energy Skills Queensland’s Annual Conference 2014 will be held at Brisbane’s Royal International Convention Centre on December 1.