Desktop Engineering has selected the 2015 version of the Origin and OriginPro data analysis, graphing and presentation suite sets for engineers and scientists from OriginLab Corp. (Northampton, MA) as its Editor’s Pick of the Week for November 5, 2014.

Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering was intrigued by the enhancements to the data analysis, graphing and presentation suite. According to Lockwood, Origin is widely used in engineering and scientific settings ranging from corporations and government agencies to research labs and academia worldwide.

While Origin is the primary application suite, OriginPro is for the most demanding users and data analysis jobs. Incorporating all the features of Origin, it also offers highly advanced and unique data analysis functionality in such areas as peak fitting, surface fitting, statistics, signal processing, and image processing.

Lockwood notes that the 2015 release of Origin and OriginPro introduces more than 100 new features and upgrades, including several user recommended enhancements such as new graph types, access to 3D batch plotting, and user-defined ordering of categorical data; in addition to support for the Python scripting language.

Lockwood concludes that Origin and OriginPro provide comprehensive solutions for analysing, graphing and presenting engineering and scientific data professionally.