Cerebral Palsy Alliance has partnered with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) to bring Enabled by Design-athon to Sydney.

Enabled by Design-athon is a 48-hour design marathon that aims to bring the best and brightest young designers, engineers and inventors together to change the world for people living with a disability.

Previously held in the UK (2012) and Washington (2013), the 2014 Enabled by Design-athon edition will be hosted by Sydney over two days. The ideas and prototyping fest aims to inspire Australia’s mainstream design and technology community to embrace the concept of universal design, which translates into designing for all including people with a disability.

Enabled by Design-athon 2014 will feature 120 designers, engineers, inventors and people with a disability working in teams, with the objective being to conceptualise and create prototypes for products, technologies or services, which may eventually be produced and made available for sale on the open market.

Robyn Cummins from Cerebral Palsy Alliance says the event is unique as each team includes a person with a disability who will provide the inspiration needed for new ideas. The Design-athon begins with the empathy stage where each team has to literally walk in the shoes of their team member with a disability to give them first-hand experience of the everyday challenges they face, and a greater understanding about how their daily life is impacted.

Based on their understanding, teams have to come up with a new product idea, design it and produce a working prototype.

Sponsored by the Department of Family and Community Services, Enabled by Design-athon 2014 will be held at UTS on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th July.