A variety of Stonevue pavers were used by Williams Boag Architects in a recent redevelopment of the Elizabeth Street ‘Walkups’ in Richmond, Victoria.

Principal Architect Peter Williams said that the he chose different finishes from the Stonevue’s Urbanvue range to pave an area of the project that sees a variety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Williams explains that the street between the buildings was seen as a usable outdoor space and designed with human scale rather than car scale. This manifested in the choice of concrete pavers and no kerb instead of a traditional asphalt road.

A variety of precast concrete pavers from Stonevue were chosen for this high-traffic area with vehicular and pedestrian suited products placed accordingly.

Urbanvue Pavers come in a variety of sizes ranging from massive 800 x 400 blocks down to 300 x 300 squares. They are given shot blasted, milled or honed finishes and come in square, full bullnose, half bullnose and chamfer edges.

Designed for civic and commercial applications, Stonevue pavers have a dense surface for maximum abrasion and minimum absorption. They are slip resistant, consistent in colour and density throughout for maximum strength and are square edged.

Large format pavers create openness yet provide texture and detail in large spaces. With an extensive range of colours Stonevue pavers are an effective alternative to insitu coloured concrete.