Sustainability and green building expert Warren McLaren has recommended the Solaro Day skylight range for those looking to lighten their rooms but avoid the heat traps that come with traditional skylights.

After more than a decade of scrutinising and writing about environmentally sustainable design and building products for Infolink and BPN magazines, McLaren bravely turned the microscope on his own retrofit project to reveal his products of choice.

When talking about his latest project, McLaren highlighted that a Solaro Day skylight would be next on his list to lighten up some of the darker areas of his house.

“Some dark spaces would benefit from a solar powered ‘skylight’, such as the Solaro Day…which avoid issues of heat gain usually associated with skylights,” he said.

How does the Solaro Day skylight work?

Starting out at the roof level, Solaro has designed a line of special proprietary solar panels that collect sunlight, even on cloudy days, and convert it into safe low voltage DC power. That power is then sent to a Solaro Day daylight simulator for use inside the home or office.

The Solaro Day daylight simulator creates the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates but without the costly installation including the cutting of a large hole in your roof or ceiling.

The simulator can be controlled to emulate the outside sun up, sun down and cloud movement experience inside when the Solaro Day is powered directly by the solar panel.

The Solaro Day typically requires only a 1/2 inch diameter hole drilled into your roof for the interconnect cable making the installation fast and simple.

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