A new report released by Safe Work Australia on the construction industry reinforces the importance of employers, employees and contractors having a shared commitment to improving safety on building sites.

Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch comments that Safe Work Australia’s report ‘Work Health & Safety Perceptions, Construction Industry’ provides a valuable snapshot to assist the industry to better understand the range of issues that impact on safety.

The report acknowledges the fact that the building and construction industry takes safety extremely seriously while highlighting the areas to be focussed on for better safety outcomes. For instance, eliminating the use of alcohol and drugs, and increasing awareness about safety being a shared responsibility between employers and employees are important examples of workplace safety improvement initiatives.

Wilhelm Harnisch said Master Builders will continue working with Safe Work Australia, the Federal Safety Commissioner and the industry to fine-tune work health and safety practices to enhance safety. Safe Work Australia has identified the construction industry along with many other industries for improvement of safety outcomes.