World-class technology from QPS Geothermal is helping Australian families save up to 60% of their home heating and cooling costs.

QPS Geothermal uses one of the most technologically advanced systems in the world to draw from the constant temperature of the earth to heat or cool homes, slashing electricity bills by thousands of dollars each year.

The system was introduced to Australian shores by QPS Geothermal Director Phil Gray after he observed its success in the United States and Europe.

He explains that geothermal energy has been used for decades in other parts of the world as a highly efficient means of cooling and heating and is perfect for Australian conditions.

QPS Geothermal loops are installed 50m into the ground and held in place by a specially designed geothermal grout. The loops are fitted to a heat pump to extract geothermal energy from the earth and send heat into the home during winter, or push heat back into the ground during summer. 

Geothermal energy can achieve known efficiencies of any air conditioning or heating system on the market, at a fraction of the cost. Designed to protect families from rising energy costs, the system is cost-effective, easy to install and simple to use.

To deliver the technology, QPS Geothermal holds the only specialist geothermal rig in the country. The precision of their drill allows for simple installation in 4 – 6 hours at a significantly cheaper price than other geothermal systems on the market.

There are no licensing requirements, specific government permits or approvals to be obtained for geothermal drilling.

With electricity costs on the rise, Gray says more and more Australians will be turning to more efficient ways to heat and cool their homes.

QPS Geothermal is a wholly owned division of Queensland Pre Stress (QPS), one of Australia’s leading ground engineering contractors.