Following the release of a clear Queensland Government policy on the Galilee Basin rail corridors, landholders and the resources sector are assured of a more certain investment future.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney informed the State Parliament that the Government had cemented its policy that only two rail corridors were necessary out of the Galilee Basin.

After taking another important step towards opening up the massive coal reserves of the Galilee Basin for the benefit of all Queenslanders, the Queensland Government re-affirmed its June 2012 policy position that only two multi-user corridors were necessary to service the needs of the Galilee Basin.

According to Mr Seeney, the Government promised to resolve the ridiculous situation under Labor that saw a spaghetti of proposed rail lines criss-cross the Galilee Basin creating uncertainty for both landholders and investors.

The Coordinator-General has conducted extensive community and industry consultation on the proposed declaration of a Galilee Basin State Development Area within which the Government’s powers of compulsory land acquisition may be exercised. Overwhelmingly the view of the community is that the area covered by the State Development Area must be minimised to reduce impact on landholders.

The Government’s clear policy is that there needs to be one corridor to service the southern end of the Galilee Basin and one corridor to service the central part of the Basin. The corridors best-placed to service the region are the rail corridor approved in the Alpha Coal project joining into the Aurizon network, and the rail corridors being developed in the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail project and the North Galilee Basin Rail project.