Psaros has introduced a new website designed to help apartment dwellers at their developments travel sustainably and engage with their local community.

The free online tool developed by Psaros is part of the apartment specialist’s continuing efforts to improve sustainability in Perth. Accessible across all devices, the unique site will identify sustainable travel options from any Psaros development to a chosen destination, calculate calories burned, and also estimate the environmental emissions and money saved for the journey.

Psaros CEO Danny Psaros explains that the tool has been created with the aim of reducing pollution and traffic congestion. An additional benefit for users is the opportunity to engage with the local community by highlighting key amenities such as parks, restaurants and shopping.

According to Mr Psaros, the introduction of Psaros Connect is a natural progression for the company due to the number of Psaros developments located in the inner city, on bike lanes and along main public transit nodes. The new initiative will inform and encourage apartment dwellers to choose a better way to get around, as well as helping Psaros residents to connect with their neighbourhood.

Psaros’ ongoing commitment to reduce transport-related energy consumption has resulted in all Psaros apartments being strategically located on sites in the inner urban region, decreasing travel distances and encouraging travel by walking, cycling or public transport.

Psaros Head of Sustainability Chiara Pacifici comments that while they have created the conditions to make sustainable travel choices a natural option, it is also equally important to communicate these opportunities to residents. Psaros seeks to offer added value to their residents by providing them with a more detailed and meaningful connection with their immediate vicinity, build a sense of place and promote sustainable transport options for future residents.

Apartment owners can log onto the site, The tool is being showcased for the first time at Psaros’ latest project ‘Hub’ located at 73 Brewer Street, Perth, open Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm.