Powerstar distributor Corospark Electrical & Solar won the Commercial Project of the Year Award at this year’s Master Electricians Australia Victorian Excellence Awards.

The Melbourne-based company received the prestigious honour for its voltage optimisation project at the University of Melbourne, which involved the installation of a 1150kVA electronic dynamic Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation system in the University’s Law Building.

The Powerstar unit conditions and optimises power in the building, enabling the University to achieve savings of 12.75% on energy usage for the entire building. These savings are equivalent to 290 tons of CO2 saved per year; 56 cars off the road daily; and the daily energy usage of 37 Australian homes.

Dedicating the award to his team, Corospark’s CEO Jason Bank said it was a privilege to be recognised as one of the best electricians in Victoria.

Jason explains that Powerstar products are the best voltage optimisation systems in the market; investigations and tests conducted under controlled conditions at the University of Melbourne have demonstrated that Powerstar is the only VO system to prove savings on LED lighting.

The unique and patented Powerstar system has also shown that significant savings of 6-10% can be achieved when modern variable speed drives are connected. Powerstar returns the excess voltage in terms of real negative power, which is subtracted from the grid input power. Therefore, any excess voltage above the Powerstar set-point is returned to the grid, generating a real negative power, which flows towards the supply and is subtracted from the incoming power.