Screens are once again finding favour as an interior decoration element with the increasing preference for open plans in home design.

Screens are being used as room dividers to allow a more efficient use of space in open plan bathroom/bedrooms, kitchen/living areas and dining/living rooms. These freestanding room dividers can be used to delineate between two spaces, create a degree of privacy or simply add visual interest as an attractive backdrop.

Two major trends in screen design include the use of texture to introduce visual interest, coupled with a neutral colour palette taken from the natural landscape.

Boutique timber supplier Touch Wood Trading presents the new Latte Poles imported from South Africa and suitable for both interior and exterior use. 

Made from Australian hardwood (Eucalyptus grandis, also known as Rose Gum or Flooded Gum) that is both sustainable and durable, the poles have a beautifully long, straight grain and come in a choice of thicknesses and lengths in a palette of white creams through soft greys to light rose. 

Resistant to pests, mould and weathering, the poles are easy to install as well as low maintenance since they are not prone to warping.

Touch Wood’s Latte Poles are grown in farms rigorously monitored by the Forest Stewardship Council, providing many communities with an opportunity for fair trade on the international market.

The Latte Poles vary in size from 25mm to 150mm in diameter with lengths going up to about four metres.