is a new web-based service that aims to connect tradespeople with employers and contractors in the building industry.

The new tradies website facilitates work assignments for tradespeople in the building industry all five days of the week through a simple and quick process. Typically, a tradie or a sub-contractor will have to make a few phone calls to get jobs each day or week. However, by simply creating a profile on the TradiesNet website, they can search for available jobs in the industry online.

A quick search will list out all the available jobs within the preferred trade, the contracting company and the location of the job. Similarly, companies looking for qualified tradespeople, sub-contractors and labourers can also log in and search for the right people for their jobs.

Tradies can also create a complete profile for themselves on the website, detailing their personal information, trade preferences, photos and videos of previous work, as well as certificates and qualifications.

The profile also works well as a readily accessed resume, enabling prospective employers to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications online.