Boutique timber supplier Touch Wood Trading introduces Latte Poles made from an Australian hardwood to create a sustainable, durable and beautifully organic solution for textural screening, fencing and cladding applications.

Eucalyptus Grandis, also known as Rose Gum or Flooded Gum is an Australian hardwood native to NSW and South East Queensland but has virtually disappeared. This fast growing species is now grown in FSC-monitored tree farms in South Africa, providing many communities with an opportunity for fair trade on the international market.

Latte Poles, available from Touch Wood Trading in Australia offer several advantages in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Apart from their striking appearance with beautifully long, straight grain, Latte Poles offer ease of installation and come in a choice of thicknesses and lengths to suit the application. The long straight grain of the timber means it will not canker or split when screwed or nailed, nor is it prone to warping.

Latte Poles have a colour palette ranging from white creams through soft greys to light rose, making them the right fit in minimalist architectural designs as well as rustic themes. The timber is long-lasting too, with its natural resistance to insect attack, mould and weathering allowing the original beauty to be enjoyed for 20 years and more.

Latte Poles are available from 25mm to 150mm in diameter and lengths up to about four metres.