Gardening Australia TV presenter and sustainability expert Josh Byrne is launching a new online video series on Friday 31 October featuring Australia’s zero emission houses.

The new ground-breaking series, Josh’s House Star Performers follows on from his successful and highly awarded web video series and online project, Josh’s House. Similar to the Josh’s House series that followed the design and build of Josh’s own high performance home, the new show will make available for free, all the house plans, fact sheets and videos via

Josh Byrne is beginning the tour in Melbourne because the city is under real pressure from massive population growth and sprawling urban development, a situation that demands prioritising of highly efficient housing design.

Josh’s House Star Performers seeks to create a nationwide conversation about the future of housing and the need for more energy efficient home design.

Episode I of Josh’s House Star Performers features a zero emission house in Melbourne, a CSIRO project completed in 2010, and in Josh’s view, ticking all the boxes for being an affordable and accessible high performance home. CSIRO has been collecting data on the house’s performance to prove the success of the design.

A joint project of CSIRO, Delfin Lend Lease and Henley Property Group, the Australian Zero Emission House (AusZEH) is an eight-star energy efficiency rated home showcasing off-the-shelf building and renewable energy generation technologies, as well as new future-ready energy management technologies within the scope of the design requirements of its location, and the budget of a typical middle income Australian family.

Josh’s House is a project supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living Ltd, which is backed by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative. Josh’s House Star Performers is produced by Fremantle based production company Vam Media.

The new show can be viewed on Password: jhspep1