Kemppi Australia announces the release of a new modular software solution designed to improve welding management.

The leading Australian welding equipment supplier has introduced the Kemppi ARC System 3 that enables efficient management of welding procedures, welder qualifications and welding equipment fleet, resulting in high production performance, EBIT growth, cost competitiveness and reduced lead time.

The user can choose specific modules for developing any part of the production process such as quality, project management or productivity. The Kemppi ARC System 3 is part of Kemppi's new TWXM solution offering, which has recently been completed with the WeldEye welding quality and documentation software by Norwegian Weldindustry AS, a recent acquisition of Kemppi Australia’s parent company, Kemppi Oy.

Kemppi’s acquisition of Weldindustry is part of the welding equipment company’s strategy for the future. A pioneer in the development of welding management software, Weldindustry offers the advanced WeldEye solution, which together with Kemppi’s ARC System 3 will deliver comprehensive benefits to their customers.