The new boring system from leading joint integrity specialist Hydratight addresses the time-consuming problem faced by companies needing to undertake machinery boring work during the maintenance season. The machinery boring requirement forces companies to take expensive machinery out of service and into a conventional machine shop for extended periods.

Hydratight introduces the new 2250P boring bar as a solution for companies to use during the upcoming maintenance season. Utilising a rigid, feed screw design to feed the cutting tool along the boring bar, the boring bar provides advanced and highly customisable machining solutions, which help to maximise on-site machining capabilities.

Recommended for use in a wide range of industries including construction, agriculture, mining, power generation and petrochemical where precision is critical in any boring application, Hydratight’s 2250P boring bar is ideal for excavator bucket support pin bores, pad eyes, camshaft/crankshaft bearing bores, turbine seal rings and various types of valve seats, minimising downtime by avoiding the need to take large machinery to a shop to get boring work done.

Hydratight’s proven design ensures a vibration-free setup by allowing the support bearings to be securely attached to the boring bar. This method of feeding allows for long accurate bores to be machined on-site in a single set-up, with more stability and accuracy than less rigid push-pull boring systems.

Several design elements of the Hydratight’s 2250P boring bar are inspired by the larger capacity field proven Hydratight 8200 series machines, including the rotational drive unit; the assembly uses a 5:1 double enveloping worm gear, which provides 25 per cent more cutting torque than any other boring bar within its class. The boring bar’s robust assembly has hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drive capability options.

Hydratight APAC Leader, Mr Dean Jenkins observes that the boring bar is a great way to increase efficiency and eliminate downtime. Further efficiency can be achieved with the bore welder and the boring bar assembly utilising the same support system, which allows the bar to be pulled after centring so that the bore welder can quickly be inserted into the 2250P bearing support to begin the welding process.

Key features of Hydratight’s 2250P boring bar include choice of bar lengths starting at 1.22m up to 3.66m with 1.27cm broached tooling holes every 15.24cm; bar centred within a bore using the available rapid traverse centring cones that quickly align the bar and bore; final precision radial adjustment allowed up to 0.635cm using jacking bolts within the support assembly; and end supports designed with multiple mount options with each support fitted with a spherical bearing allowing for up to 5 degrees of bar alignment.

Hydratight’s 2250P boring bar offers multiple benefits including 25% more cutting torque than other boring bars in its class; boring heads equipped with fine radial adjustment for faster set-up; and assemblies mounted at any point along the bar, providing flexibility to cover most boring or facing applications.