The Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA) has opened its new national office in Brisbane.

Representing the Australian pest control industry, the AEPMA has relocated its national office to Brisbane in recognition of the potential growth offered in Queensland particularly in domestic, commercial and industrial property development.

The new national office of the AEPMA was officially opened by Dr John McVeigh, the Queensland Minister for Agriculture.

Congratulating the National Executive of AEPMA on its decision to move to Queensland, Dr McVeigh commented that the move reflected the Queensland Government’s policy to encourage businesses and employers to consider Queensland as their base.

Apart from being one of the fastest growing economies, Queensland is also home to a large number of AEPMA members. According to the ABS, Queensland pest management firms account for approximately one-thirds of the $2 billion a year Australian market.

The Minister also urged other national associations to relocate to Queensland.

While thanking Dr McVeigh, AEPMA President David Gay highlighted the benefits brought by AEPMA membership to not only the people of Queensland but also the people of Australia, including industry Codes of Practice for timber, pest and building timber pest inspections, food industry standards and the treatment of bed bugs.

All the Codes of Practice are on the AEPMA website and available for members of the public to research.

Mr Gay also advised AEPMA members to have appropriate insurance to safeguard the public, and that a dispute resolution process was available for consumers and members of the association if the need arose.

Mr Gay informed members that the new AEPMA website provides pest managers and the public enormous amounts of information relating to common pests, their control and also an easy directory on where to find the right person to deal with a particular pest problem.

Mr Gay thanked the Queensland government for its help and welcoming attitude to AEPMA in moving the national office from Sydney to Brisbane and indicated that the pest management industry looked forward to a productive working relationship with the Queensland government.