LOYTEC Electronics won the silver medal at the Constantinus European Awards recently for its work in the international project ‘Energy Efficiency in Japan – Sony Corporation Tokyo’.

Some of Europe’s best consulting and IT companies compete for honours at the Constantinus European Awards each year, which are judged by an international jury from FEACO, the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations.

Key criteria for the award include commercial performance, strategic strength, quality of solution, efficiency, and international impact.

LOYTEC’s award-winning project ‘Energy Efficiency in Japan – Sony Corporation Tokyo’ is about a LINX-based building automation solution for the R&D facility of Sony Corporation in Tokyo, a building that achieves remarkable energy efficiency criteria. The 27-floor tower is equipped with a wide range of energy saving features ensuring outstanding environmental performance.

Key features of the building include an evaporative cooling system, a high-efficiency thermal storage system, and various systems that utilise solar panels, heat pumps and natural refrigerants. Advanced energy-saving features also include the use of renewable energy and LED lighting in common areas.

LINX-111 and LINX-110 automation servers were installed throughout the building for use as zone controllers for segregation of the building into smaller, modular and more manageable zones. Altogether, LOYTEC delivered 125 routers and servers for connecting 2900 LON devices in the tower. Each zone’s LINX automation server hosts the scheduler functions for the HVAC system and is connected to the fire protection system to create maximum comfort, efficiency and security for the building.