Livable Housing Australia (LHA) has appointed Nick Proud, the Executive Director of the Residential Development Council to its board.

LHA’s Executive Director Amelia Starr explained that Mr Proud’s presence on the board will further expand LHA’s influence and engagement with the residential development sector. According to Ms Starr, Nick’s strong understanding of the challenges facing the housing industry and the opportunities presented by livable, lifespan-friendly homes will be invaluable in LHA’s efforts to create a more livable future for all Australians.

Prior to his appointment at the Residential Development Council in February 2014, Mr Proud held technical and policy roles in a variety of organisations including the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council and the Housing Industry Association.

Mr Proud commended the work already undertaken by LHA to establish a nationally-consistent approach to livable design, including the development and application of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines and quality mark certification.

Observing that the industry has many great examples of livable housing, he added that LHA’s challenge, and opportunity, is to focus on the livable housing product that can be achieved in the absence of regulation.