Leussink has redesigned its Wollongong head office to subliminally showcase its manufacturing expertise packaged in a vibrant appealing look. The new look effectively captures the essence of Leussink’s creative engineering capability.

Skilfully incorporating its corporate colours and tones of red, black and white, Leussink used manufactured parts and components as part of the design brief, facilitated by a local Illawarra-based creative specialist.

Director Mr Jason Leussink explained that they briefed the designer about making the place look somewhat arty, but not lose the connection between the new look and manufacturing.

The outcome has pleased the Leussink management since the designer was able to work their corporate colours in quite skilfully and all types of parts and components that they had from R&D and testing became showpieces in decorative artwork around the entire office.

The open look at the entrance, the new boardroom, and the industrial pieces used as minimalist-style decorations all throughout the foyer, the staircase and the communal area upstairs have all impressed visitors, staff and management.