IXL is introducing three new modules to its Tastic Neo family of heat, light and ventilation solutions. Consisting of a vent and light module, a vent module and a heat module, the new products will be released in February 2015.

Designed as a natural extension of the current Neo single and dual models, the new Neo modules offer the light, vent and heat components as single or dual function modules.

Ingeniously designed by local manufacturing firm IXL, the range allows consumers to customise their bathing environment by enabling them to select the components they want from the ventilation, lighting and heating modules, and place them in their bathroom.

Neo modules can be selected as standalone bathroom comfort solutions or as additional modules to coordinate with existing Neo single or dual units.

IXL launched the original IXL Tastic three-in-one heat, light and ventilation solution for bathrooms more than 30 years ago, with the Tastic Neo released more recently to meet the evolving needs of consumers over time.

IXL industrial designer Paul Iversen explains that their discussions with architects and designers indicated a strong call for the lighting, heating and ventilation components of the Neo to be offered individually and in the same aesthetic.

Adding luxurious comfort and providing the design flexibility to complement individual design and bathroom layouts, the new modules allow bathing environments to be customised in an endless variety of ways.

For instance, a Neo heat module can be positioned above the preferred drying area or above the bath. A Neo ventilation module is ideal for bathrooms that may already have a central light source and only requires a ventilation module, which can also be positioned directly above the shower. For bathrooms with an existing heating source such as hydronic or in-floor heating, a Neo Vent n light module is a smart contemporary lighting and ventilation choice as a duo or as separate modules.

New modules in the Tastic Neo family

Vent n lite module: 3 x gimbal mounted; 7W LED downlights; side ducted in-line blower; back draught shutters; 380m³/h extraction capacity.

Vent module: Side ducted in-line blower; back draught shutters; 380m³/h extraction capacity.

Heat module: 1 x 800W tungsten halogen heat lamp; frosted toughened glass heat shield.

With a Geelong manufacturing base, Tastic Neo and Neo modules carry the assurance of being consistently high in quality with access to local customer support.