Over the past month or so, Architecture & Design has released a series of articles about building with timber. We noted that mass timber construction (MTC) is nothing new, but that the industry has become more aware of this method in recent years.

Backed up with reasons for the potential and various benefits of structural timber, we said that Australia is poised to build timber buildings bigger and better. After all, there are an increasing number of examples that can stand and testify for MTC.

Lend Lease’s Library at The Dock is one project that proudly shows off the possibilities of cross laminated timber construction. Scott Carver’s Netball Central in Sydney is another development we explored that is successfully using laminated veneer lumber for construction.

We also examined the advantages and possibilities of glulam, a commonly specified material that has wider design possibilities than what it is currently being used for, as well as the benefits and potential of floor cassette systems and other hybrid timber innovations.

There was no shortage of case studies and products to look at in our features, but is there really a timber revolution currently underway across Australia as some have suggested?

We posed this question to Rod Pindar, a principal at Fitzpatrick + Partners, a practice that has spent the past five years exploring the use of timber in their buildings. In this teaser video, Pindar shares his thoughts about whether he believes there is a revolution. Stay tuned as we'll go into detail with a full length interview next week. 

What do you think? Is there a timber revolution, is Australia on the verge of one, or is it way too early to tell?