Insulbloc’s thermal wall insulation product recently featured in a retrofit project by sustainability expert Warren McLaren and performed up to his high environmental standards.

After more than a decade of scrutinising and writing about environmentally sustainable design and building products for Infolink and BPN magazines, McLaren bravely turned the microscope on his own retrofit project to reveal his products of choice.

Mclaren highlighted Insulbloc’s exceptional Australian Wool Testing Authority rating as the catalyst for his choice of the product for his sustainable retrofit.

“In the end we settled on Insulabloc. This is expanded polystyrene foam sliced into little 1cm cubes. The product has a high recycled content and is made in Australia. Insulbloc Australia provided test results from the Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) showing Insulbloc garnering a thermal insulation rating of R4.0 per 100mm thickness,” he said.

“It was installed by removing tiles above the cavity wall and blowing the tiny blocks into the wall void with a big reverse vacuum style hose. Insulbloc suggest such a finished insulated wall is equal to about R6.”

Insulbloc is a new and innovative thermal closed cavity wall insulation product that is manufactured from recycled polystyrene which is cut into small cube shapes which and pumped into house wall cavities. The cubes form a thermal barrier which is moisture resistant and does not interfere with internal wall fittings such as plumbing pipes.

Insulbloc says there are many reasons for you to choose their product for your home:

  1. 50% or better insulation rating than all of the other wall insulation products
  2. Not only the best laboratory test results but supported with numerous field tests for complete coverage and effectiveness with thermal imaging and thermal measurements to determine effectiveness
  3.  Reduce your home energy costs.
  4.  Reduce your carbon footprint.
  5.  Increase the energy efficiency rating of your home under the Australian Government’s proposed mandatory Home Energy Ratings Scheme which is due for introduction next year. (See our home page for more information).
  6. Increase the value of your home.
  7. Fire, water and vermin resistant.
  8. Clean, safe and environmentally friendly and manufactured from recycled materials.
  9. An Australian made product from an Australian family owned company.
  10. Polystyrene has been used as a wall insulation since the 1940s in the northern hemisphere

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