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    How to turn normal walls into multifunctional surfaces

    Smart Wall Paint

    A new wall coating from Smart Wall Paint is transforming the use of walls across home, office and education environments.

    The Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer is a revolutionary new wall coating that creates magnetic surfaces on walls.

    Recommended for those seeking inspirational ideas for their new offices, or looking to revamp their ordinary walls into multifunctional surfaces, the Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer offers application versatility.

    Hang the things you love

    Metal magnets can be used to hang photos, notes, cards and documents on the magnetic wall.

    Keep track of your daily plans

    Turn the magnetic wall into a ready reckoner for all daily, weekly or monthly activities. Schedule appointments, deadlines and other commitments on this unique magnetic wall and keep track every day.

    Boast trendy and functional d├ęcor

    Paint over the magnetic area with the desired colour to suit the decor, and then have fun decorating the magnetic wall. 

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