Leading supplier of CAD solutions for the global MCAD and AEC industries, ZWSOFT has listed six different ways how architecture and engineering companies can overcome the challenges presented by their CAD software.

ZWSOFT conducted an in-depth research study with five major architecture and engineering company customers, regarding the issues they faced when using their CAD software. This article lists six problems that can be addressed using ZWCAD+.

High Level API

Engineering and architecture designs involve a vast number of elements requiring several specialist tools to be integrated within the design environment. The high level API compatibility offered by ZWCAD+ allows developers to create applications that address the specific needs of users. Applications can be ported ten times faster, meaning even more applications will be available on ZWCAD+.

Efficient Tools

A key objective of CAD software is to simplify the design process and make it more efficient; however, the availability of advanced tools has proved to be a major area of worry for users who seek a more customisable UI, ensuring that their most used features are the most easily accessible, thereby becoming more efficient and saving money and time, while also making it easier to correct mistakes and undertake repetitive tasks. The innovative features offered by ZWCAD+, such as Associative Dimensions and Dynamic Block reduces the need for re-working, while the brand new SmartSeries allows for highly customisable commands and annotation.

Data Exchange

Compatibility is the most common complaint mentioned by three of the five companies surveyed. With the vast amount of CAD and other specialist software required in major projects, as well as the high level of collaboration demanded by architecture and engineering, the firms sought strong compatibility in their CAD software to allow users to open and edit drawings from a variety of sources in a single design environment. ZWCAD+ offers compatibility with all mainstream CAD software, meaning users can seamlessly open files from clients and collaborators without the risk of changes or time consuming conversions.

Efficient Memory Management

A major problem faced by architecture and engineering companies is the impact on their computer speeds when they use more advanced versions of CAD software or when their designs become larger and more detailed. Since replacing hardware is far too expensive for most businesses, there is greater need for the CAD software to use the computer’s processing power more efficiently. ZWCAD+’s new Memory Management technology allows users to open large drawings over 100MB with 50% less memory usage, leading to faster speeds, saving time and money.

Comfortable User Interface

The CAD software’s user interface also presented problems for these users. Most companies begin with AutoCAD; moving to another CAD software application with a significantly different layout would cause confusion and result in significant re-learning costs. The ZWCAD+, however shares similarities with the AutoCAD layout, eliminating the relearning issues while the customisable features allow users to make their most used commands easily available to improve efficiency.

Customisable Upgrade Structure

Alternative CAD software solutions offering a more competitive pricing structure are increasingly being considered by companies due to the rising cost of AutoCAD applications and the need to keep the cost down when bidding for projects. At around 20% of the price of an AutoCAD license and a cost efficient and customisable upgrade policy, ZWCAD+ can offer huge savings for any firm.