Leading home renovation and design platform Houzz.com.au has described Australia as a renovation nation with 1 in 10 renovating or decorating their home every month. More than 13,000 Australian homeowners revealed their love for renovations in the new Houzz Australia Report that found 12% renovating or decorating their homes monthly and nearly a third (30%) at least every 3-6 months. The report also found that 75% of Aussies plan on decorating their homes and 38% plan a major renovation in the next two years.

Most Aussie homeowners are proud of their homes, with Melburnians being the most house-proud at 74%, and Sydneysiders coming in at the bottom of the list. On average, Australian homeowners believe they have achieved just 63% of their vision for their home. Even Melburnians are unsatisfied with 40% planning to decorate in the next six months. Key motivators for home projects include improving the look and feel of the space (77%), improving its functionality (63%), and adapting the home for life stage changes (31%).

Colour Preferences

Neutral colour for the front door takes the top spot with two-thirds of Australians indicating this preference while a few dare to go bold with blue (6%), red (5%) and green (5%). Yellow and green follow white in the preference order for indoor colours, especially the dining room, and blues and purples in the bedroom.

Kitchens on the Chopping Block

One in four Aussies plans to update their kitchen in the next 12 months (26%), with a similar number (23%) reporting that it’s the area of their home that is most in need of renovation. A designer kitchen tops the Australian’s wish-list (42%) when given the choice to add any feature to the home, irrespective of cost.

Style by State

More than half of Australian homeowners (55%) prefer contemporary and modern styles, followed by traditional (23%) and eclectic (19%). Sydney leads the trend in global influences, as the most likely to pick up Asian, European and Scandinavian styles (17%), whilst Adelaide-residents prefers eclectic and vintage designs for their homes (31%). Unsurprisingly, 34% of those preferring tropical are based in Brisbane. Despite the nation’s keen interest in home design, nearly 1 in 10 still finds it challenging to define their style.

How Eco Are Aussie Homes?

Most Australians like to make eco-friendly choices for their homes, including energy-saving light bulbs (69%), insulation (69%), low flow showers (37%), rainwater tanks (36%), composting systems (34%) and low flow toilets (33%). Nearly a quarter are even installing solar panels (24%). Adelaide dwellers are most likely to take advantage of natural resources, with 53% choosing to introduce rainwater tanks and 33% installing solar panels. In Brisbane, indoor eco-features lead the way, with homeowners most likely to choose low flow showers (43%) and energy saving bulbs (73%).

According to Houzz Australia Managing Director Jason Chuck, the report confirms Australians are keen home design enthusiasts always looking for ways to update their home. These insights from Australian homes will help make the home renovation and design process more fun and productive for everyone.