The American Hardwood Export Council reports that there has been a sharp rise in the import figures for American hardwoods into Australia, increasing by 27% in value and 25% in volume in the first half of 2014 YOY.

White oak continues to be the most in demand American hardwood species in Australia, accounting for 85% of imports, followed by ash and walnut with ash imports rising by over 407 cubic metres, almost three times more than 2013 figures, while walnut imports rose from 40 to 209 cubic metres.

Rod Wiles, Director for the American Hardwood Export Council, Oceania observes that the trade figures are often an indicator of future trends in architecture and design. He explained that the recent Melbourne Indesign exhibition showcased some wonderful examples of Australian made furniture using white oak, ash and walnut. Council members also met with interior designers who were just beginning to discover ash and were enthusiastic about using it not only from an aesthetic perspective but also for its suitability for furniture and joinery thanks to its strength and workability.