Lago, an emerging Italian furniture brand is being stocked by The Nest 45.

Lago specialises in creating a highly innovative range of furniture that integrates design and art, and extends the reach of colour and modularity in a customised approach to furniture and storage.

Founded at the end of the 19th century by Policarpo Lago, an artisanal woodworker, Lago has evolved into a design brand that not only takes a stimulating approach to interior design but also embraces simplicity in all its forms to create endless possibilities in customisable furniture including gravity defying pieces such as Air Shelf and Weightless storage.

Air Shelf seemingly overcomes the force of gravity by suspending volumes of storage in mid-air. This effect is achieved by using sheets of tempered glass that provide a perception of space and light. Air Shelf is perfect as a room divider or for creating separate zones within a larger space.

Weightless storage, another of Lago’s innovations, creates visual art in the form of practical storage using ‘dead space’. Available as shelves or cabinets, they can be customised to suit individual space and décor themes and also suspended from the ceiling. These storage units are available in a vast choice of finishes and colours, and have the effect of a sculptural piece within the overall room setting.

The LagoLinear and DiagoLinear shelving ranges offer a different take on storage systems. While the LagoLinear offers slim and minimalistic design that can be attached to any vertical space within the home, DiagoLinear injects fun and surprise into the equation by creating modular shelving that is installed at varying angles and is suitable for children’s bedrooms, living areas and even the home office. The LagoLinear comes in a range of modular elements that can be customised to the user’s needs, space and colour preferences.

Committed to nurturing young and emerging talent, Lago has created a design studio led by talented designers working alongside university students and designers from around the world, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and cultural exchange.

The Lago range of furniture and storage systems is available exclusively through The Nest 45, a completely new approach to innovative Italian furniture design for the kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom housed in the impressive heritage-listed Design Precinct at Cockatoo Island.