Leading Australian landscape construction business, Glascott Landscape & Civil announces the formation of a new Advisory Board. The decision to form the Advisory Board was based on the need for an experienced group of experts to help guide the business into the future after 25 years of continued growth.

Glascott Landscape & Civil’s Managing Director, Matthew Glascott will be on the Advisory Board along with Mr Matthew Bourke, Construction Manager at Glascott Landscape & Civil, Mr Gavin Patridge, who will chair the Advisory Board, and Ms Debra Heitmannis, a global business executive.

The Board will meet regularly to review current performance and ensure that future strategies are balanced and aligned with the organisation’s capabilities and resources. It will provide strategic advice to the management team, and assist in raising the profile of the company, which is fundamental to achieving their vision.

Mr Matthew Bourke

Mr Bourke has worked with the company and in the industry for more than 25 years, managing many large-scale commercial, residential, and government landscape construction projects.

Mr Gavin Patridge

Mr Patridge heads a growth consultancy that specialises in assisting CEOs and owners of SMEs grow the value of their businesses. Previously the MD and COO of George Patterson Bates, Australia’s largest advertising agency, and APAC Regional Director for Cordiant, one of the world’s top marketing communications groups, Mr Patridge is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and sits on a number of Boards in a variety of market sectors. Mr Patridge holds a Master’s Degree from Cambridge University.

Ms Debra Heitmann

Ms Heitmann is a global business executive and member of leadership teams with multi-industry experience. Ms Heitmann is a professional director, committee chair and member, and has worked with management teams to build and leverage highly engaged executives. She has worked with many of Australia’s largest organisations including Westpac, Macquarie Bank and JAS/INZ.