The Pour is a dramatic interpretation of rainfall designed as a chandelier by Design Haus Liberty (DH Liberty).

Designers Lisa Hinderdael and Dara Huang created The Pour raindrop chandelier as a light sculpture for a client in Tribeca, New York City. The existing site features exposed industrial columns on either end of a dropped beam within the living room. The design brief was to produce a light sculpture that would hang off of the existing beam and create an architectural relationship with the space.

Using the rain as inspiration, DH Liberty began the design process by exploring the concept of rain and how each water droplet magnified light in unique ways.

DH Liberty worked with UK-based glass-blowers and metal engineers to create the crystal teardrops. Each drop was hand blown by artisans and intricately engineered, with the brass screw cap housing the light and the hand-blown crystal to reflect the light. To replicate the nature of raindrops, no two drops were blown identical.

The name ‘The Pour’ represents the distinctive shape formed by the chandelier, similar to the exaggerated and dramatic motion of water pouring out of a carafe.